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Christopher Eccleston Returns!

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California - August 9th, 2020

Reporter : John Smith

In a surprise announcement released this morning Big Finish has revealed something that few fans ever thought they would see and for the most part something that few thought would ever be possible. Christopher Eccleston will be returning to his role as the Ninth Doctor with a dozen stories spanning four box sets with the first release expected in May of 2021.

This event will provide remarkable completion to the Big Finish catalog when it comes to audio dramas which involve the original living actors from the Fourth to the Eleventh.

As recently as 2018 Eccleston created quite a stir in traditional entertainment media when he claimed that the BBC 'Blacklisted' him for quitting the role of the Doctor after a single season in 2005 which served as the series reboot. Eccleston has stated that the way his departure from the show was portrayed in the media caused him to temporarily lose confidence as an actor and get blacklisted from shows.

Until these stories begin releasing the Big Finish catalog contains a spare sprinkling of stories set in the Ninth Doctor's era, including a box set titled 'The Ninth Doctor Chronicles' with what some fans consider to be a subpar performance by Nicholas Briggs which fails to capture the feel of Eccleston, yet seems to go so far as to mock the actor. While this unfortunate set of stories does fully demonstrate the desire of Briggs to fill in this gap even if he had to do it himself, it at the same time demonstrates that there did not appear to be any actor capable of performing Eccleston's Doctor in the same manner as Eccleston in the flesh.

It is expected that fans of Big Finish and Doctor Who will give Eccleston a warm and welcome embrace and I do believe I myself will be placing a Pre-Order for these box sets. The box sets are listed as being available as digital downloads, conventional Compact Disk and even limited edition vinyl.

See the full details here:


Big Finish Website Crashes on Eccleston Announcement


Chicago - August 9th, 2020

Reporter : Rocco

Bigfinish.com was unavailable briefly on Sunday August 9th after the shock announcement of the return of Christopher Eccleston. According to early fan reaction found on Gallifreybase.com it would appear as if the interest in these four new box sets scheduled to begin release in May 2021, may have caused an overload in traffic to the Big Finish official website. Many fans have reported that they are Pre-Ordering these releases even nine months before the Ninth Doctor is due to be available in audio adventure format.

Early fan reaction can be found on Gallifreybase here;


Daleks Destroy : The Secret Invasion & Other Stories


Chicago - August 8th, 2020

Reporter : Rocco

The cover art has been released for the 2020 Christmastime annual Dalek audio adventures formerly known as "Terry Nation's Dalek Audio Annuals". It is scheduled for a December 3rd release in the UK and a March 1st, 2021 release in the US. Americans who do not wish to wait the extra three months can simply pre-order from Book Depository to have their disk shipped from the UK on the December 3rd release date with free international shipping. These stories come from the late 1960's magazine editions by Terry Nation and as with the previous two years they have a variety of audio performers. These will be read by four gentlemen; Nicholas Briggs, Terry Molloy, Steven Pacey and Jon Culshaw.


  • Format CD-Audio | 1 disk

  • Dimensions 125 x 142mm

  • Publication date 03 Dec 2020

  • Publisher Transworld Publishers Ltd

  • Imprint BANTAM PRESS

  • Publication City/Country London, United Kingdom

  • Language English

  • Edition Unabridged

  • Edition Statement Unabridged edition

  • ISBN10 1529129222

  • ISBN13 9781529129229

  • Bestsellers rank 740,586

Sleeper Agents by Paul Magrs


UK - August 7th, 2020

Reporter : Kierra

The latest BBC Doctor Who Audiobook by Paul Magrs has been moved up by a few months for the delayed 2021 release. Originally scheduled as a CD highly suitable for a 2020 Christmas stocking stuffer the release was delayed until June 2021. As announced today this summer 2021 release has now been moved up to April 1st, 2021. Fans of Paul Magrs will simply need to remain on the edges of their seats for this springtime treat.


  • Format CD-Audio

  • Dimensions 125 x 142 x 22mm | 381g

  • Publication date 01 Apr 2021

  • Publisher BBC Worldwide Ltd

  • Imprint BBC Physical Audio

  • Publication City/Country London, United Kingdom

  • Language English

  • Edition Unabridged

  • Edition Statement Unabridged edition

  • ISBN10 178753863X

  • ISBN13 9781787538634

  • Bestsellers rank 893,006

Echoes of Extinction


UK - August 6th, 2020

Reporter : Kierra

Big Finish has announced two new stories for December 2020 release which are tied in with the multi-platform BBC Doctor event which is known as "Time Lord Victorious'. While the titles of these two individual stories have not been released they are advertised as starring Paul McGann & David Tennant. Echos of Extinction joins other scheduled Big Finish releases for this tie in with Octobers "He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not", Novembers "The Enemy of My Enemy" and Decembers "Mutually Assured Destruction".

October is also the expected month of release for a Time Lord Victorious tie-in "Short Trip" with stories "Master Thief" and "Lesser Evils".

All of these titles are available for Pre-Order now in Digital download format.


The Time Scales

Press Release

August 5th, 2020

TheTimeScales.Com has been acquired by OutpostGallifrey.com

While OutpostGallifrey.com returns eleven years later, to restore the original feel and need for an American Doctor Who base, it is announced that Outpost Gallifrey has obtained the decade old review site, TheTimeScales.com.

"TheTimeScales will become a main feature of Outpost Gallifrey as it pulls on over 13,000 reviews spanning a decade." Quoted by new webmaster Dirk Gently.

'We are going to push the limits of the Big Finish and Doctor Who fan experience' said Dirk Gently.

Stay tuned for more details.


California - August 4th, 2020

Reporter : John Smith

Big Finish has released the titles, authors and reader for the remainder of the 2020 Subscriber Bonus stories.

According to this page here;


September - The Beast of Muir by Nicole Petit (Fourth Doctor and Leela, read by John Banks), comes with Doctor Who - The Flying Dutchman / Displaced

December - Crime at the Cinema by MH Norris (Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith, read by John Banks), comes with Doctor Who - The Monthly Adventures #271 and Doctor Who - The Monthly Adventures #272

NEWS - Doctor Who - Beyond the Doctor - The Kairos Ring

UK - August 3rd, 2020

Reporter : Kierra

The mysterious audiobook originally scheduled for a Christmas 2020 release, then delayed to May 2021, has now been moved up an earlier 2021 date of Feb 4th. Nothing is known of this release other than these facts;

  • Format CD-Audio

  • Dimensions 125 x 142mm

  • Publication date 06 May 2021

  • Publisher BBC Worldwide Ltd

  • Imprint BBC Physical Audio

  • Publication City/Country London, United Kingdom

  • Language English

  • Edition Unabridged

  • Edition Statement Unabridged edition

  • ISBN10 1787538613

  • ISBN13 9781787538610

  • Bestsellers rank 593,194

By (author) Stephen Gallagher , Read by Steven Pacey

Tom Baker in 2024


California - August 2nd, 2020

Reporter : John Smith

Big Finish is going to keep Tom Baker around, perhaps for as long as possible as evidenced by a new cast revealed today for releases in 2024. Christoper Naylor will take over the role of Harry Sullivan and new companion Naomi Cross will be performed by Eleanor Crooks.

The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 13 is scheduled to begin in March 2024 with the first episode titled 'The Storm of the Sea Devils'. If you would like to become an investor in Big Finish and order this new release years in advance, Big Finish will accept your money now, here:


On July 31st, 2009 America lost its premier Doctor Who website for fans, when Shaun Lyon closed Outpost Gallifrey as it's original webmaster. While bits and pieces of it remain scattered all over the UK, as of July 31st 2020, eleven long years later, Outpost Gallifrey is back. Right back in California where it started. America has it's authentic and original Doctor Who online community for fans, back. Stay tuned for more details.


California - July 31st, 2020

Reporter : John Smith

July has been an historic month for Doctor Who aficionados when it comes to online Big Finish reviews. The Time Scales (TheTimeScales.Com) celebrated it's 10th anniversary on July 4th. This little 'ol american website displayed some impressive numbers with over 7200 individual Doctor Who stories in the catalog which consists of audio books, books, comics and TV episodes. TTS hosts a whopping grand total of over 13700 submitted reviews.

In late July the website suddenly appeared with a message from the founder and webmaster of 10 years that the site would be ending on July 31st, 2020. Many of the users demonstrated everything from sadness to shock. In the 11th hour and on the final day, Outpost Gallifrey has learned that an anonymous donor stepped forward and saved the site, the loss of which would have been tragic for the community. This is an ongoing event and there is no doubt more to this story. Stay tuned for the rest of the story as it develops.


California - August 1st, 2020

Reporter : John Smith

Big Finish will be hosting an exciting and unique YouTube livestream event on Saturday 1 August 2020, featuring a galaxy of stars from its audio dramas.

Fans are invited to join in and comment during the livestream at the Big Finish YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/user/bigfinishprod) from 16:00 (UK time) to enjoy a one-off selection of interviews, panels, mini-documentaries and other visual treats.

Set to appear across this six-hour celebration are more than 30 actors, musicians and writers from a variety of Big Finish productions, including Jamie Anderson, Mark Bonnar, John Dorney, Carole Ann Ford, Louise Jameson, Alex Kingston, Joe Kraemer, Paul McGann, Neve McIntosh, Blair Mowat, Dan Starkey, Catrin Stewart and Nicola Walker.

Big Finish Creative Director, Nicholas Briggs, said: “We were disappointed to have to cancel our annual one-day Big Finish Day event at Derby QUAD, but we racked our brains to think what was possible by way of an alternative. Throughout the coronavirus crisis, we've continued to produce many audio dramas so we thought a little peek into our lockdown lives might be fun. Virtual Big Finish Day promises star guests and surprises, as cast, crew and fans come together to make a special online event where everyone is invited.”

Expect exclusive news to be revealed during the livestream. There are lots of hidden treats along the way. So make sure you join the fun from the start at 16:00 (UK time) on Saturday 01 August 2020, or you might miss out.

The provisional running order for the livestream is as follows (all times are BST):

16:00 Welcome to Virtual Big Finish Day with Toby Hadoke, Mitch Benn and Jon Culshaw

16:30 The Big Finish Action Figures Story, with Kenny Smith and Al Dewar

16:45 Reviving Callan, with Emma Haigh, Ben Miles and Frank Skinner

17:00 The Paternoster Gang, with Neve McIntosh, Dan Starkey and Catrin Stewart

17:30 Space: 1999 with Jamie Griffiths, Mark Bonnar and Maria Teresa Creasey

18:00 Preparing for a role in a Big Finish audio, with a host of stars

18:30 The Two Susans, with Nicholas Briggs, Carole Ann Ford and Claudia Grant

19:00 The New Fourth Doctor Team, with Jamie Anderson, Eleanor Crooks and Christopher Naylor

19:30 Timeslip, with Kenny Smith, Spencer Banks and Cheryl Burfield

20:00 The Missy Writers, with John Dorney, Gemma Arrowsmith and Lisa McMullin

20:35 The Robots, with Louise Jameson, Nicola Walker and Claire Rushbrook

21:30 The Musicians, with Benji Clifford, Joe Kraemer and Blair Mowat

22:00 The Eighth Doctor and River Song, with Jason Haigh-Ellery, Paul McGann and Alex Kingston

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